Mentor or Mentored?

Throughout this semester I had the opportunity to mentor 4 developing EDTC 300 students. With my busy schedule and procrastinated mind set I found it hard to keep up with commenting on all 4 blogs, however I managed to survive it all. I thought it was a good way to give back to these students because I remember being in there shoes in the class that use to be called ECMP 355. Mentoring not only had me help them with their blogs and overall thinking, but also gave me a new incite on certain topics in the realm of technology and their own learning projects. This mentoring process’s intent was for me to help these new students learn in the terms of blogging and technology; however I think that I did the most learning while reaching out to each of them. I learned a lot from them, whether it was in the term of their learning projects (learning ASL, and ketogenic diet), or there insightful post about technology I think I learned a lot from them and hope that my comments helped them out and gave them insight on what they could do better. Here is the proof of my commenting of all 4 the students I mentored and feel free to follow each and one of them to see their growth as they become future educators.





With regards to whether or not I could teach a class like this in the future, I would probably decline. This is only due to my lack of technology skills and liking and if I took more classes to advance my knowledge even more I think my answer would possibly change. However, with my knowledge on technology as it sits right now, I don’t think I could manage planning and setting up a class in this framework of being online.

Even with my lack of technological skills, I can’t deny my growth of technology in the terms of teaching. I believe I have the knowledge to use technology properly and safely in the class due to this semesters work. I have learned of so many new tools to use like google classroom, flip grid, and even google docs and I think I will incorporate this learning into my future career. I also had my ECS 200 placement this semester and my co-op teacher was pro-technology so I got to use the knowledge i learned in the actual classroom. In conclusion I do believe I will use my knowledge of technology in my future classroom, and I hope to further educate myself in this topic as the decades advance.

Best of luck to all 4 of my mentored students and also to all my EDTC 400 peers. As i grow in the future i am sure you all will too, and i hope to chat with all of you in the future.

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