ECS 210: Blog Post 1

After reading kumashiro’s article on common sense, I understood common sense as how teachers overlook the concept of teaching. I have my own opinions on what good teaching looks like, however, someone else’s opinion may be completely different. Our common sense has us to believe that the “American way” as kumashiro stated, or in a general sense, my own way is the best way to teach and live by. I really like this idea because I think as teachers we need to learn to adapt to new teaching methods and to be open to change because although our own methods are effective there is also a lot more to come by. Kumashiro wants us to understand that although what may be easy to us and common sense, we also need to open our horizon on new ways to teach.

In my own life, I would describe common sense when in the context of teaching physical education. Because I am an athlete and skillful in specific events, what comes natural to me is what kumashiro defines as common sense. Whether it may be throwing a ball, or running a lap, because of my advanced knowledge in some skills I may lean more towards teaching those because it comes as commonsense to me. However, we need to curve away from our common sense and teach in ways that may not be as easy. I struggle with units like dance, and gymnastics, but some students may learn more when in the context of those 2 elements. I myself need to work on getting out of my comfort zone and venturing away from what I call common sense, to increase my teaching ability for all.

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2 Responses to ECS 210: Blog Post 1

  1. Hi Noah! Thanks for sharing!
    It got me thinking how you brought up common sense as something that comes naturally to someone. I was thinking of common sense as a broader source of knowledge that everyone in the world knows (like say if you jump off a slide, you could break something). But the world is so vast that something that is common sense to me, is not common sense to someone in another country with different traditions, etc.



  2. Miss Mac says:

    You have some really well thought out points here. Sometimes I feel students particularly struggle with Physical Education but it is “common sense” to take in school just like math, social studies, etc. Why do you think that is? I personally loved physical education, but often lots of kids dread having to take it. Why do you think that is the case, and what can your teaching practices do to inspire passion amongst students?


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