ECS 210-Blog Post 3: Self-discovery

As I continue to educate myself with the Saskatchewan curriculum, I came across a quote from an education philosopher by the name of Maxine Greene. Greene states that “Part of teaching is helping people create themselves” and I couldn’t agree more. The profession of teaching is complicated and although the curriculum is our guideline, I think Greene expresses that self-discover is the most important aspect of school. As I previously stated in my last post, self-discovery in the most beneficial learning you can come by and Greene backs up my previous beliefs. Although self-discovery takes time, it’s one disadvantage falls under how little time we have as teachers. It’s very hard to hit every outcome/indicator that the curriculum states, but if we follow the idealization of Green it would make completion even more difficult. Moreover, the positives to this approach give the student a deeper connection to not only the content but to their own identity. Teachers help advance the next generation of humanity, and self-discovery is only the beginning to a better future.

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3 Responses to ECS 210-Blog Post 3: Self-discovery

  1. Self discovery may just be the biggest thing any pre-service teacher has to deal with. Especially at a time when curriculum is being revised and new methods of teaching are popping up all over the place with digital interfaces. Being able to know what suits you and what does not helps not only you but your class and students at large. Good post.


  2. Darrian says:

    I like that the quote says that the goal is to help students create themselves and not simply create them. It is extremely important for people to discover themselves rather than being told what to do and what to believe.


  3. raeweis says:

    A great glimpse of self-discovery! It is important to understand what is and isn’t possible in schools when it comes to discovery and exploration, so I appreciated you recognizing its drawbacks. How can we, as teachers, encourage and enable this self-discovery?


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