What does it mean to be a “Good Student”

Respond to the following prompt on your blog: What does it mean to be a “good” student according to the commonsense? Which students are privileged by this definition of the good student? What is made impossible to see/understand/believe because of these commonsense ideas?


According to Kumashiro, being a good student contains the following.

  • Being on time to class
  • Doing homework on time
  • Being attentive in class
  • Not speaking out of turn
  • Giving their best work

And the list can go on. Though, what kumashiro describes as a “good student” is not realistic in today’s society. The diversity our learners have in today’s culture is no longer “good or bad” but labelled as different or unique. This uniqueness is looked at as a disadvantage in kumashiro’s work but in today’s perspective it is looked at as a opportunity. This notion of a “good” student as kumashiro points out to us, gives them an advantage as they are considered the favorites. They get all the attention and overall have a higher chance at success. If this is indeed the truth, what happens to the “bad” student?

The common sense of having a “good and bad” student is overrated and honestly unfair for a lot of students. the labeling of good and bad distorts us to see what every student has to offer, and just because they don’t fall under a list of good qualities like the one above, doesn’t mean they have nothing to offer.

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