Curriculum development: Good or Bad

My thoughts on how the curriculum was made before research: 

The way I think that the curriculum is developed is through a committee. This committee sits down and works together to come up with a curriculum that they think needs to be learned based off current society. Although I don’t think that the curriculum is up to date in most subject areas, I also don’t think that the right people are in charge. Mainly the government/ minister of education, and other parties are involved. I think that teachers, parents, and even students should be the ones to come up with the content of the curriculum.

After research:

After reading in more depth towards the making of the curriculum, my findings were quite shocking. I came to the conclusion that the curriculum is mainly politically based. This political aspect means that any disagreement is decided over a vote. Although this is what our society agrees upon, it may not always be the best conclusion for our students. I enjoyed reading that teachers and administrators had a good role in the curriculum, however I wish that the overall goal was in favor of the students and not decided due to majority.

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