Treaty Education Help: Student Intern

Dear future educator,

                Although the purpose of treaty education is different in your perspective than it is in your placement, I applaud your thinking to ask for help. My only advice to you is to look back and wonder what made Treaty Education important to you. It may have been a class, a professor, or even a colleague, but what made it beneficial in your standpoint? Once you come to this conclusion you can regenerate this learning upon your placement students and hopefully create the same spark that ignited upon you when first discovering about treaty education. It sounds like the intent of treaty education is unrepresented in your school and I challenge you to start developing the notion of how even though they aren’t of aboriginal descent, we are all treaty people. We are all part of this nation and have the responsibility to take action and once your students understand this concept they will no longer take it as a joke.

I would recommend that you participate in treaty education camp here at the university. Both you and your future students could come and spend the day learning all there is about treaty knowledge and how to apply it into your own life. What I took back from this experience was learning about the 100 days of Cree and incorporating this idea into ones teaching. Although it’s hard to connect subjects to one another, using the Cree language is an easy alternative to connect everything. Whether its linguistic, numerical, or historical, I enjoyed learning about how Cree related to every subject material and how easy it is to incorporate into your everyday teaching.

Whether or not you incorporate the 100 days of Cree into your placement, the whole point is to get out there and teach treaty education. Use your passion, try new things, find outside sources (like treaty ed camp), and hopefully, all of these ideas will help increase the engagement with your students.


Best of luck in your future of educating

Yours truly,

Noah Wasyliw

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