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Mentor or Mentored?

Throughout this semester I had the opportunity to mentor 4 developing EDTC 300 students. With my busy schedule and procrastinated mind set I found it hard to keep up with commenting on all 4 blogs, however I managed to survive … Continue reading

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Summary of Learning

Here is my representation of our summary of learning project, hope you guys enjoy!

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Fight Night: The final debate

  the day had finally come, the time for where my constant arguing would pay off… the day of the debate. I was quite happy with my debate topic because I truly didn’t agree with either side and thought that … Continue reading

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Social Media: Good or Bad on our children?

Being a 90s kid you can imagine the drastic change I went through in my childhood when in the midst of technology. Starting from Disney movies on VHS all the way to smart phones and smartboards in high school, and … Continue reading

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Equity or equality: technology in today society

Technology is a force for equity in society. Agree or disagree? When first reading this debate title I originally agreed with its meaning however once the debate happened in the class I personally started to second guess myself. I have … Continue reading

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Debate Debacle

This week in EDTC 400 we had a slight change of plans when involving our debate, and instead of having 1 topic up for debate we got the pleasure of hearing 2 topics. These topics being Public education has sold … Continue reading

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Technology: Good or Bad for our heath?

In EDTC 400 we had been brought to the debate topic of how technology is unhealthy, and although I disagree with this fact I can’t forget the strong points that both sides have to offer. Whether it may be how … Continue reading

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